Pre Flight (Ride) check, the “M” check.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin.

Along with visibility we have to make sure our bikes are safe before we set out on a ride.  Be it a leisurely evening cruise, a weekend training run, or a century ride; you must know the condition of your bike before you set out.  This holds true for all bikes, mountain, road, or recumbent.  Thankfully many major events have tents set up by bike shops that offer to look over your bike for free or a nominal cost.  You can’t prevent the hazards of the course, but you can avoid some mechanical, and wear issues that could otherwise ruin your day. The “M” check is the standard pre check in the cycling world.  Below I have pasted some great links to existing blogs and sites that explain the M check in detail. Check them out.